Project ‘The beautiful challenge’ payoff

The recognition bestowed on us at the historic highly held ceremony at Menilik II Dining Hall

Yesterday October 10, 2019 Fitsum Wub Art Studio and the creative and passionate owner and manager of the establishment Artist Fitsum Wubeshet recognized as the most valuable contributors in the Unity Park construction situated within the Menilik II Palace at a highly held ceremonial dinner gala at the historic Menilik II Dining Hall. The ceremony was further ignited by the presence of dignitaries including head of states of South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda other than the huge number of diplomats and federal regions’ presidents.

The 21 carat gold chain with Ethiopia shaped medallion awarded to artist Fitsum and the recognition certificate awarded to Fitsum Wubeshet are indicative of PM Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) visionary leadership nurturing able and hardworking citizens. His eyes and ears are with those who create and toil about which we are first hand witnesses both in our previous and the Menilik II Palace projects.

We are so greatful to our PM for recognizing our passion, determination, and commitment that made us enable to execute what seems impossible with beauty and share the legacy of his time.

We at Fitsum Wubeshet Art Studio congratulate Artist Fitsum Wubeshet for his accomplishment and thank God who provide his the strength, passion, and the grace before the eyes of many.

Employees of Fitsum Wubeshet Art Studio!  

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