Project ‘The beautiful challange!’ update

Project ‘The beautiful challange!’ update

Eleven days to Completion

You got a life time opportunity to prove how much stress you can handle, how wide you can stretch your wings, how high you can fly, and how tall you can stand. In the journey of testing your resolve there are perceived risks of nerve break down, you may break your wings and fail to resist gravity, and you may injur your backbone and bend to your knee. Nevertheless, the one who privilaged you with the opportunity does not give a room for the perceived risks. Fail to deliver for any reason is not in the contract. Then, your mind map geared to the principle of ‘you got to do what you got to do’. 

This is our curent state in project ‘The beautiful
challange’. In the last 70 days we manage to complete 80% of the work load
working 16 hours a day. At this moment we are left with 12 days to execute the
remaining 20%. Yes! We got to do what we got to do! and our invinsibility
emanates from above that make us comfortable & confident that we will do
it. At the end, we are in the making of history pioneering the artistic
technology and making what seems impossible possible.






Fitsum Wubeshet, Artist



Owner & Manager

Wub Art & Design

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