Project ‘Beautiful Challenge!’ at full thrust!

You are currently viewing Project ‘Beautiful Challenge!’ at full thrust!

It took us around seven months to complete 50% of our previous project which had been construction of the first of its kind cladding a lion enclosure with artificial stone. The current project is similar to the previous one in type and size except that we are expected to deliver within 90 days which took us around 14 months in the previous one. We call our current project the ‘Beautiful challenge!’ due to the urgency to complete and deliver within 90 days in this rainy season. We managed to accomplish more than 50% of the project bulk within 45 days.

What makes this possible can be attributed to different factors including the lessons learned from the earlier project. However, the ‘Yes we can’ attitude, in fact with the help of God Who never and won’t fail us, driven by commitment and determination to deliver are major ingredients that weigh a lot more than any other attributes.

Thanks to God for everything including for the strong work force working 16 hours a day, Monday to Sunday, determined to deliver on time.

Follow our weekly progress report on our web site or social media pages; September 6 is the due date and we believe we can make it. Get ready to celebrate our success with us in our new year!

Regards to you all!

Fitsum Wubeshet, Artist

Owner and Manager

Fitsum Wub Art and Design

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