Hooray! We successfully completed project ‘The Beautiful Challenge!’!

Hooray! We successfully completed project ‘The Beautiful Challenge!’!

Hope you had been following us on our journey in ‘The beautiful challenge!’ project. The project as part of the grand project of Unity Park initiated and led by PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to develop a portion of Menelik II palace to a public park, we had been assigned to construct artificial stone cladding for a concrete made lion enclosure. We called the project from start ‘The beautiful challenge’ due to time constraint as it was set to be completed within 90 days in the rainy season. In our similar previous project at Addis Zoo Park that has lesser size and complexity compared to the palace project, it took us 14 operational months to complete and deliver.

Major ingredients that made this history possible are passion for the profession, determination to succeed and make history, commitment to the assignment, principle of setting legacy at front rather than bottom line, the ‘No complain No blame game’ rule of engagement instituted as culture to avoid solution blockage attitudes, and amazing team spirit among our work forces that made little Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the quality of leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed and our first lady Zinash Yetayew’s commitment for the project reflected in their day to day progress of the project and their encouraging words had been the strongest of all the top moral drivers enabling the timely completion of project ‘The beautiful challenge’. Our PM allow us to share his legacy. His down to earth human approach talking and communicating his orders to professionals and laborers inspired the whole project team to stretch themselves to the maximum until all crossed the finishing line and deliver. It is a project in which we learned how much leadership quality enables what seems impossible for many!

We praise God who provide us the talent, the strength, and the grace for us to stamp our legacy at one of the Addis’ landmark symbolizing the ultimate powerhouse of Ethiopia housing the PM office and house of Ethiopian People representatives. We bless all who had been God send moral boosters all the way from start to end of the project.

We congratulate all of you who had been part of the project to see the fruit of your unreserved commitment!

May God bless our beloved Ethiopia and its people!

Fitsum Wubeshet

Owner and Manager

Fitsum Wub Art and Design

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