Honoring ‘The beautiful Challenge’ team

Honoring ‘The beautiful Challenge’ team

‘Exemplary leadership to appreciate

What we have been witnessing in the last three decades is the many movers and shakers at the different nation’s management echelon chronically zooming on key performance indicator words and numbers that are devoid of the notion that the words and the numbers are about human. When leaders think and perform having their citizens in mind and heart without being clouded by jargon and numbers, then they start to be aware of what motivate and inspire their people. It seems they are naturally gifted to mobilize their people for the good cause of the nation. They are not afraid of their people, they wish they are not. They don’t inflate themselves as divine. That is the way of our PM Abiy Ahmed, the most accessible leader since His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. He is the most polite and hugger. Of the many incidents we noticed the PM’s human side approach that can serve as a role model to his subordinates and the citizens, his deed inviting about 1,450 laborers dinner who are stretched to the maximum working 16 hours a day since month of July to complete the most expected public park at the palace in September weighs too much on our scale as his human side legacy.

This sincere action of the PM as a polite host handshaking and hugging the invitees to dinner at Menelik II dining hall customarily known as ‘Gueber bet’ is a strong motivational tap on the back for ours ‘The beautiful challenge’ team who are imprinting their legacy challenging the time constraint and the rainy season challenges. We would love to extend our gratitude to our PM Abiy Ahmed not only for his gesture motivating our employees but also for all the inspiration we are blessed with to institute our establishment solid rock as a HUMAN COMPANY.

I wish you all a happy Ethiopian new year!

Fitsum Wubeshet, Artist

Owner and Manager Fitsum Wub Art & Studio

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