Functional Arts

'Imprinting in Depth Artistic meaning'

Addis Zoo Park

Addis Zoo Park lion enclosure project, completed and delivered July 2019, is our top of the list signature work covering a huge mass of concrete wall with artificial stone cladding. It is the first of its kind in Ethiopia and the largest artificially stone cladded lion enclosure in Africa. The project took us to Abay gorge and Babile to study naturally weathered rock masses, their feature, and character.

Unity Park Project at Menelik II Palace

The Menelik II Palace project was constructing an artificial stone cladding work covering a concrete made black lion enclosure that include two artificially made tunnels. The project was launched on June 23/2019 and completed on October 6/2019. It was a grand project to transform a portion of Menelik II palace to a public park named Unity Park initiated and led by PM Abiy Ahmed. We call it ‘The beautiful challenge’ due to time constraint to be completed within 90 days and it fell in the rainy season. In our similar previous project at Addis Zoo Park that has lesser size and complexity compared to the palace project, it took us 14 operational months to complete and deliver. It is a project in which we learned how much leadership quality enable what seems impossible for many!


Wolima Resort

Wolima Resort, at the gate of Dukem city as you drive from Addis, had been our second interior and exterior design project that touched every structure in the resort compound and conducted with mixed medium of wood, stone, metal, and glass

Rift Valley Hotel

Located in Shashemnee, one of the major trade centers in the Oromiya Regional State about 270 KMs from Addis Ababa on the juncture spot to Hawassa, is our first major functional art project involving varieties of art professionals including artisans to implement the design with different local medium. It had been a major interior and exterior renovation and new additions work gracing the hotel with range of functional art products inclusive of accessories and a massive landscape works. From design to implementation, the work was conducted cognizant of the design principles reflected in the beautifully balanced functional and aesthetic elements.