Honoring the bank that honor people more than its bottom line

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Thanking the Enat Bank team

Enat Bank S.C. ‘The most outstanding enabling actor!’

In between from right to left are Enat Bank’s Senior mgmt. team receiving an art work which is a gift of gratitude by Fitsum Wubeshet Art Studio honoring the bank’s outstanding enabling actor role

In our life time we all are both enabling actors and beneficiaries of what is enabled. We believe there are two enabling actors. For the first kind of enabling actors, to enable others living their dream is business as usual. These enabling actors play their role by the rule being hugely risk sensitive.

The second groups of enabling actors go beyond the book in support of our endeavor against all odds which the risk mentality fixated players do not dare to accommodate in their customer portfolio. These we believe are God send beauty to which we are grateful for all what they enabled. These deserve to share our legacy for all what they enabled just believing in our endeavor and passion. 

On Saturday July 26, 2019 we honored Enat Bank S.C as part owner of our legacy in the first of its kind artificial stone cladded lion enclosure the bank enabled at Addis Zoo Park inviting the bank’s senior management.

Thanks to God who provide us the passion for what we do, the commitment, and determination to deliver and live up to our promises to our guarantor Enat Bank that exemplified its name in its deeds assuring our client that we will deliver. nat Bank will continue to share our legacy in whatever we deliver good as a spillover effect of its outstanding enabling actor role that endow us a viability muscle. Our special thanks goes to Enat Bank HQ branch manager, Mrs. Aklil, and to the branch employees.

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