By the door of the new budget year reflecting on our journey in 2018/2019 budget year

By the door of the new budget year reflecting on our journey in 2018/2019 budget year
Addis Zoo Park

Date: July 1, 2019

Issue: FWAS 03 July 2019

By the door of the new budget year reflecting on our journey in 2018/2019 budget year

The 2018/2019 budget year which is about closed on this week Sunday had been a fantastic journey for FWAS and its staff for so many reasons. We successfully completed our first mega project of constructing the first of its kind artificial stone cladded lion enclosure at Addis Zoo Park (a.k.a Picock Park). This enclosure is also the biggest in size in Africa.

It is a year we got the grace of the highest government officials from the Addis Ababa Administration cabinet and parliament members and from the federal government including PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) who paid us a site visit three times. The encouraging words from the officials and their pride due to the fact it is done by Ethiopian artists were delighting inputs that make us hopeful in our focused and passion driven envisioned future. Experts from Germany who explicitly testify about the beauty and strength of our work with admiration, and the artistic appreciation from delegates of the US state department were another fantastic fuel to our passion and energy.

This passion driven journey has also bear a fruit as it opens another door for us that privileged us to engage in similar nature project at Menelik II Palace. This assignment which is about two third of our previous project in size is what we named it a ‘Beautiful Challenge’ as it is undertaken against all odds; it is to be completed within 70 days in this rainy season; compare it! It took us around 15 months, around 450 days to complete our Addis Zoo Project! At the same time we are expected to deliver unparalleled quality as the deliverable has to maintain palace quality, the top most landmark of Ethiopia symbolizing the supreme power housing the PM’s office and the Ethiopian house of people representatives parliament. God is our right hand and we will superbly complete and deliver this history in the making.

At the end, we would like to extend our gratitude for all enabling actors in our operation life including our staff.

May God bless all what we touch!

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous budget year!

Fitsum Wubeshet, Artist

Owner and manager

Fitsum Wub Art Studio

Rift Valley Hotel

Located in the Oromia region, Shashemene, on the juncture to Hawassa, the rift Valley Hotel project had been a major interior and exterior design work including major landscape assignments that FWAS successfully accomplished. It is a major makeover that transcend the hotel’s brand to higher level.

Wolima Resort

At the gate of the satellite city of Dukem from Addis, Wolima Resort project  had been a real marvel of interior and exterior functional and fine art performance done using stone, wood, metal,, and mixed medium.

Addis Zoo Park lion enclosure project

The Addus Zoo Park artificial stone cladding project which we completed recently is the first of its kind in the country beautifying the lion enclosure with natural environment look. It is a major undertaking for FWAS visited and appreciated by the PM and other government offficials repeatedly/ It is expected to be inaugurated and operational in 2012.

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