Another legacy at Entoto Natural Park project

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Artificial rock and timber wood columns and timber wood horizontal

The journey continues maintaining the momentum we exemplified at Addis Zoo Park and Unity Park as one of the enabling actors in transforming Addis Ababa as the most preferred working living capital of Africa in our specialized construction work delivering meaning to public spaces. Similar to our Unity Park engagement accomplished within chronic time constraint in the most challenging rainy seasons, the same is true for our Entoto Natural Park engagement except the additional challenges we encountered invested on many projects at same time that forced us mobilizing equipment and other resources from one site to another. Entoto project had been another beautiful challenge we delivered with excellence against all odds. Once again we proved the very power of passion, determination to deliver, and unreserved commitment to deliver with shine.

As a specialized construction business that fuses art with functionality, we managed to construct five main gates, bridge hand rails, pedestrian bridges, and park benches with mixed medium of metal, timber wood, artificial stone, crafted natural stones sourced from different locations surrounding the city of Addis. One other iconic major achievement was application of the artificial stone clad technology for construction of retaining wall to support the wall along the biking and walking asphalt road. Protecting the environment from erosion successfully (tested and proven in one of heavy rainfall season) as the retaining wall’s major functionality goal, the artistic work to harmonize the man made with the natural is major stride in our operation that encourages us to further test and extend the technology for other applications.

Currently we moved our resources to Sheger Park where we are awarded a metal art work to craft the name Ethiopia, to construct crafted stone pavement, and park bench.

We are so grateful to God Almighty Who anointed us with His grace, strength, commitment and determination to deliver. Our heartfelt gratitude is also to our professional and skilled staff who shared our legacy, Ethiopia Road Authority’s leaders who had been spirit lifting encouragement, and to all stakeholders who enable the realization of the park.

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