About the Artist

Fitsum Wubeshet, born and raised in Addis and the restless kid of the family, identified and invested his energy on his passion for art early in his age with drawing and coloring and participating on local and international art competitions where on some cases he won the competition. In his teenage age he started to ornament objects of practical use with paint, metal and wood art at family owned workshop, the same learning ground for his siblings’ metal and wood craftsmanship skill.

The busiest kid had not limit his interest at workshop transcending his drawings and paintings passion incorporating into objects made for specific use; parallel he started to started nurturing and transforming his parents’ barren backyard to a garden of nostalgic effect; he positively empowered himself influencing let alone family members but also the whole neighborhood kids and youths as to where they spend their leisure time playing, chatting, and taking pictures. Fitsum elevated his gardening love through schooling, practicing, and reading. It is these childhood passions of drawing, ornamenting, and gardening that make up the artistic product lines of the current Fitsum Wub Art Studio. Fitsum is a living role model of success to address the power of determination and commitment driven passion for the many youths.

Understanding the importance of education to capitalize on his artistic passion and widen his perspective of the discipline of art and on the varieties of techniques, he joined Master School of Fine Arts in Addis Ababa where he attended painting from 1998-2000 and graduated. He later successfully completed a one year program in 2004 at Abyssinia Art School. Five times participant of the annual Sheraton Addis art event being selected among many competing artists passing rigorous selection criteria, Fitsum conducted so many solo and in group art exhibitions at different venues.

Fitsum loved observing nature and the way of nature that resulted in his philosophy of ‘Art is at the center of beauty in everything’. He also like experiencing different local materials in his art projects that influenced him to firmly couple his two early age loves of fine arts and ornamental/functional arts to deliver delight; he exemplified this in major constructive, landscape, and renovation projects he conducted at Wolima Resort, Rift Valley resort, and Addis Zoo Park.

Strong advocate of volunteerism he, he had been involved in inspiring young and would be artists in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar to live their passion sharing his personal experience and journey to success. Instituting a formal social responsibility program in 2018 called ‘Live your passion!’, he managed to conduct experience sharing programs inviting artists and addressing the many challenges, opportunities, and success factors as an artist to new and expectant graduates of AAU, School of Fine Arts who in most cases get discouraged to live their passion due to narrow opportunity in the job market and lack of awareness as to what the practical art world is like. Fitsum is hopeful as to the advancement of art in Ethiopia with the coming to power of art appreciative administration