About Our offerings

Lines of our offers

Fine art and ornamental/functional art are the two categories of our offers. Fine art/visual art produces are created with primary intention of delivering aesthetic and intellectual values whose beauty and meaningfulness, in most cases, are the two major audiences’ points of appreciation. Fine art includes painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, and graphics. When it comes to ornamental/functional art is providing aesthetic touch for objects that have practical use; such as pottery, furniture, fixtures, etc. What we deliver is delight in line with our operation principle and going beyond your expectations responding to your aesthetic and utility needs and wants. We ensure your delight either tailoring our offers specific to your desire and in producing in mass to the targeted public needs and wants making touch of art goods accessible to the general public.

What we deliver

We believe what we deliver is not the physical goods but what our customers would like to emotionally enjoy from both the aesthetic and utility values of our fine art and ornamental art produces. It is this perspective of our operation diligence that gets us to the current market reputation in what we deliver. For this purpose we have mixed engagement that is procedural and non-procedural depending the kind of assignment that stretches from developing the design concept to finalize and after delivery follow up.

At the same time, it is our belief that art has to serve the best interest of human which is beyond the paying client incorporating other stakeholders’ interest especially when it comes to assignments on public spaces.

Our staffs in the delight delivery:

Our goods and services are the contribution of varieties of professionals including sketch artist, digital and graphic design specialists, architects, sculptors, painting artists, stone and pottery craft specialists, wood and metal specialists other than the skilled labor and back office staff.

‘Delivering delight being loyal to tenets of art’

Our offering:

  • Painting & others
  • Ornamental/functional arts
  • Accessories
  • Interior design
  • Landscaping, gardening, & others