About fitsum wub art and design STUDIO (FWADS)

Brief background of Fitsum Wub Art (FWAS)

Before instituting Fitsum Wub Art and Design Studio(FWADS) as a formal legal establishment, artist Fitsum Wubeshet had been practicing the profession of fine art and ornamental art in painting, metal arts, stone, wood and mixed medium use arts which he had been exhibiting on many solo and in group exhibitions and as interior and exterior decorated objects of use.

Capitalizing on his vision and strong belief on the importance to elevate and institute fine arts into ornamental arts, which he had been practicing since young age at family owned workshop, to make the work of art accessible to wider market base inclusive of institutional clients besides the current individual based market, and to bring artists of different orientation together for the best interest of multi-art touch deliverables, Fitsum Wub Art came into life in 2010 GC.

Starting 2015 GC, developing its five year strategic plan in order to meet tailor made product needs and to produce and distribute varieties of accessories in mass to live up to its ‘delight delivery’ promise & to pay strong focus on core operations, it is structured in to two interdependent strategic business units (SBU) each with independent management and shared support service team. The Fine Arts SBU (FASBU) is in charge of all related activities with painting, sculpture, metal, wood, stone, mixed medium work arts, etc that has its own studio and the Ornamental Arts SBU(OASBU) with its workshop that is producing artistic touch products that are used for different purposes in day to day life.

Currently Fitsum Wub Art is in the making of history finalizing the first state of art fencing a 10,000 sq. meter lions enclave with a 1 km long artificial stone cladding and landscape work at Addis Zoo Park. It is a multi-discipline art professional’s synergy and work of signature for Fitsum Wub Art and Design (FWADS) and a milestone landmark for the city. Being part of the initiative to transform Addis to a preferred vibrant metropolitan city, Fitsum Wub Art and Design (FWADS) is readying itself for varieties of undertakings in addition to introducing different interior and exterior accessories for the booming residential units and commercial buildings in the city and other major cities in Ethiopia maintaining the tango between the design principles and elements.

We are the beautiful colors of excellence squeezed from passion, determination, and commitment.

Fitsum Wub Art and Design (FWADS), as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) is working on varieties of noble causes for the advancement of art.