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Artist Statement

Fitsum Wubeshet

Art in its multi-faceted dimensional expression is part of the evolving human history which is the fact we share with the rest of the world. I believe, this evolutionary transition is a continuation from God’s naturally instituted environmentally beautified original design commanding human’s way of life, beliefs, and practices. Starting with drawing what they see in their surroundings, human elevated art reflecting on the original design and develop their creative imagination inclusive of their emotions which they start to express in many artistic ways. This through time becomes a multi-disciplinary art field of studies. In this evolutionary journey the discipline and work of art has been advancing.


The completion of the public plaza project at Sheger Park ‘In provision of functional meaning to space’ As you walk or drive the steep slope from Sheraton Addis towards the Arat Kilo road junction, or in front of Unity Park

On final touch phase to deliver our other major project! Our new project of cladding lion, cheetah, baboon, wild dog, avery, and flamingo enclosures at Unity Park with artistically constructed artificial stone by our team of sculptors is on final

We are blessed with too much grace as we conclude a new deal with a Dubai based conglomerate to construct artificial stone clad and artistic plastering work for Cheetah, Lion, Baboon, and Flamingo here in Ethiopia as to where our

The recognition bestowed on us at the historic highly held ceremony at Menilik II Dining Hall Yesterday October 10, 2019 Fitsum Wub Art Studio and the creative and passionate owner and manager of the establishment Artist Fitsum Wubeshet recognized as